Advancing Cerebral Palsy Care with Dr. Donald Kephart, UCSF

Indus Hospital & Health Network is committed to continually improving care for cerebral palsy (CP) patients. Beyond providing essential services, the hospital prioritises ongoing training and collaboration with external experts to enhance its expertise. Recently, the hospital welcomed Dr. Donald Kephart, a distinguished paediatric orthopedic surgeon from UCSF, for a visit. Dr. Kephart’s presence underscored the hospital’s dedication to excellence in CP management and its ongoing efforts to elevate standards of care.

About Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a physical disability that affects movement, posture, and balance, caused by brain injury or atypical brain development. While it affects millions worldwide, the exact incidence in Pakistan remains unknown due to a lack of a national registry. Antenatal and perinatal risk factors, such as birth trauma and low birth weight, contribute to CP prevalence, particularly in communities with limited access to comprehensive care.

Cerebral Palsy Management at Indus Hospital

At Indus Hospital, our multidisciplinary approach ensures comprehensive care for CP patients. From addressing medical issues to managing deformities, we provide holistic support, including neuroimaging, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, orthotics, and psychosocial services—all free of charge. With the upcoming addition of Paediatric Neurology in the expansion project of Indus Hospital’s New Hospital Building in Korangi, we are poised to further improve outcomes for CP patients. The provision of expensive orthopedic surgeries, physiotherapy, and orthotic devices at no cost makes Indus Hospital Karachi a unique institution for these neglected children. Very few hospitals in the country have the capacity to offer such advanced care for Cerebral Palsy.

Dr. Donald Kephart’s Visit to Indus Hospital

Dr. Donald Kephart, a distinguished paediatric orthopedic surgeon from UCSF, focuses his practice mostly on children with Cerebral Palsy, especially researching their gait patterns. During his visit to Indus Hospital Korangi Campus, he provided valuable insights into gait analysis, enhancing our expertise in managing multi level surgical care.

Dr. Kephart also helped improve the skills of our residents, physiotherapists, and paediatricians in examining and evaluating children with Cerebral Palsy. His visit offered him an opportunity to understand how we manage these children in a resource-challenged environment.

The session on ‘Cerebral Palsy – Orthopedic Management’ attracted participants from across Karachi. Eminent national pediatric orthopedic surgeons delivered talks to educate the audience.

Looking Ahead: Collaborations and Innovations

With the addition of Paediatric Neurology in the new expansion of Indus Hospital’s New Hospital Building in Korangi, we are set to further enhance outcomes for CP patients. Looking to the future, collaborations with experts like Dr. Kephart and investments in research and education will enhance CP care outcomes both locally and globally.