Empowering Midwives is to Empower Women

Bhong, Rahimyar Khan: On May 5th each year, midwives, women, girls, partners and supporters of midwives and midwifery globally come together to celebrate the International Day of the Midwife-a day to celebrate the achievements of midwives and their contribution to improving reproductive, maternal and newborn health outcomes and contribution towards equity in women’s health. We, at the Indus Hospital, are celebrating the work of our midwives at our midwife-run labor room in Bhong who have struggled to continue to provide

Healing the Healers

Patients look towards doctors and others healthcare professionals for help during diseases. Most of the time, they get healthy but they share their burden and sometimes diseases too with those messiahs. This physical and mental stress results in burnout and depression, and sometime catching the disease itself. The Indus Hospital (TIH) values its healthcare professionals and takes every necessary step for their professional and personal well-being and growth. The current pandemic has put unparalleled stress on the healthcare community. Long

TIH Launches its First-ever Health Awareness Digital Channel and Health Awareness Show on YouTube

Videos are an effective and interesting way of reaching out to people and to make them aware. The Indus Hospital is launching a YouTube channel i-Health which aims at providing medical advice through social media. The channel enables our audience to access TIH’s health awareness material directly as it houses all animated and regular health awareness videos, stories, and documentaries made by the Indus Hospital. The channel has an additional attraction – a weekly LIVE digital show

Pakistan Amongst Top Nations with Highest Prevalence of HCV

Pakistan has the highest rates of HCV infection in the world, with approximately 700,000 new patients affected by the blood-borne virus each year. Due to the asymptomatic nature of the disease, a lack of quality screening and testing facilities and socio-economic constraints, many do not receive proper treatment until it is too late. The Indus Health Network, with technical support from IRD, launched the Hepatitis C Control Program to expand access to free of cost HCV screening and testing at its

Website Launched for Indus College of Nursing & Midwifery

The Indus College of Nursing & Midwifery, the first academic unit of Indus University of Health Sciences launched its new website. The website will facilitate students to learn about the admission details and academic programs being offered at the College. Currently the College offers diploma and undergraduate programs that have been designed and developed based on Pakistan Nursing Council; Higher Education Commission, Pakistan; and Dow University of Health Sciences guidelines. With 27 distinguished faculty onboard, the College currently has a strength of 644 students.

Fawad Khan and Sidra Iqbal – Goodwill Ambassadors of iHope

The Indus Hospital is proud to take on-board one of the most beloved, renowned actor, Fawad Khan and the celebrated broadcast journalist, Sidra Iqbal as its goodwill ambassadors for iHope – Youth Ambassador Program. iHope is the first of its kind Youth Ambassador Program initiated by the Indus Hospital which was formally launched by Mr. Khan and Ms. Iqbal on August 12, 2020, the International Youth Day. They talked about the power of youth in driving change and creating meaningful